Double Sided Neodymium Magnet

Double sided neodymium magnet for magnet fishing

Double sided Neodymium magnet.

Your Magnet Fishing trips are gaining a Level-up! With this double sided neodymium magnet there will be no more problem with the magnet “sliding” on the side when throwing from land. Here it will work perfect when it “slides” along the bottom as both sides are magnetic. No matter if you throw from land, bridge or boat, it will work great!

Insane power!

The pull strange of this beast is 400lbs on each side, so that’s a total of 800lbs! . Make sure to have a rope that wont break if you get stuck on something heavy. Read this article of which rope i recommend.

This magnet is not a toy! It could cause huge damage on both other items and yourself if not used with caution!


It has a diameter of 2.95″ and it’s 1.3″ thick. With that thickness it wont crack as easy as the thinner ones. As the magnet is double sided, you will be able to catch treasures on BOTH sides. Another thing about the size is that the weight makes it perfect for longer throws.

Double sided neodymium

Insane Power thats valuable.

How much does this double sided monster cost then? Well, skip a few pizzas and beers for a weekend and it´s yours.

Price: $51.98.
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Why would I need a magnet that strong?

Because these neodymium magnets are tested on a totally flat, clean piece of thick steel. When you go magnet fishing you will find items that has been in the water for many years, so there are rust, a lot of it. Rust significantly decreases the pull power of the magnet.
The power of the magnet will decrease up to 70% when pulling it horizontally.
So, the higher pull power on the magnet, the bigger are the chances that you won’t drop your item you hooked on to.

Check out the “What is Magnet Fishing?” page if you still don´t know what Magnet Fishing is all about.