NEW Magnet Fishing Gear: Connecting Bracket for Double Neodymium Magnets

Could this be another must-have in your Magnet Fishing equipment?

double neodymium magnet fishing bracket

Earlier I have only created my own “bracket-rig” for ferrite magnets. But now when this bracket for double neodymium magnets came out on the market, the time it takes to make your own is just not worth it.

This one is both cheap and extremely durable. Best of all, the neodymium magnets fits straight on.
(If you still want to make your own Read more about that in this link)

double neodymium magnet fishing bracketSpecifications and where to buy it.

  • The whole bracket is made of Stainless Steel
  • 6.3″ from center to center of the bolts.
  • Maximum load of 1400lbs. 
  • Made to fit 2x neodymium magnets.
  • Everything you see on the left picture here is included.
  • Magnets are NOT included, you need to but them separately. (See next section)

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Which Magnets do you I need for this bracket?double neodymium magnet fishing bracket

As I mentioned you need double neodymium magnets with countersunk hole.
So there are some reguirements for the magnets to work with this bracket, and these are:

  • Maximum Diameter of 5.5″
  • Countersunk hole without threads.
  • Hole must be made for a 3/8-Bolt.

So, with these requirements I´ve been looking for the perfect neodymium magnet for this bracket.
Click the Amazon button below to view the magnet I’ve handpicked for you. (You need to order 2 of it)

My thoughts about this product:

I think the design is perfect to cover a bigger area with double neodymium magnets. It increases the chances to find these smaller items like fishing lures, knives, guns etc.

The only thing i could think of that you could need to make this product complete is: to attach a bottle at the rope close to the magnet rig. Just to make sure that the magnets are facing down while you pull it along the bottom.

Good luck Magnet Fishing