Maximize your Magnet Fishing Experience with a Inflatable Magnet Fishing Boat

Have you ever thought about getting a boat for your Magnet Fishing trips?

Save both money and space with a inflatable fishing boat from
A inflatable magnet fishing boat you can easely get in the trunk of any car, even a Nissan Micra.
Actually this “Inflatable Magnet Fishing Boat” I mentioned in the topic, is just a regular inflatable fishing boat.. I just liked the sound of it 😉
Some of them even comes with a aluminum floor, which is perfect for Magent Fishing when you find those sharp items.

Inflatable Magnet Fishing Boat - Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10

Inflatable Magnet Fishing Boat – Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10

Reach those places you never been to.

With a magnet fishing boat you will be able to do your magnet fishing on spots you never would have reached from land. Even tho you probably would find more items closer to land, there are a lot of metall items that are dropped from boats and “dragged” out on deeper water by streams etc. And of course, if you have been in the same spot Maget Fishing for a long time, you have probably found all the good stuff close to land already.

Recommended requirement for the perfect inflatable Magnet Fishing Boat:

  1.  The floor should be in aluminum or ABS Plastic. If it´s not there on the boat you will buy, make your own floor. Because you will find some sharp stuff that you dont want to stick in that soft inflated floor.
  2.  Hooks/Eyelets to fasten your loose end of the rope, so you dont lose the magnet if loosing the grip of the rope with your hands. Putting a carabiner on the loose end of the would make this even better. (Read more about ropes and thimble knots for carabiner)
  3.  Multiply individual air chambers, for your own safety if you getting a air leak in the boat.
  4. Last, but not “a must”. A Transom for outboard electric motor, because you will get tired of row the boat all the time.

Where do I buy it and whats the price?

Head over to, there’s a lot of awesome potential Magnet Fishing Boats.
Prices starts from $126.49.