What is Magnet Fishing?

So, what is this thing called “Magnet Fishing”?

No, we are not catching fish while we do this, When magnet fishing you use a extremely strong magnet attached to a rope. With this you will hopefully be able to catch some nice metal stuff on the bottom of rivers and lakes.
Magnet fishing is a exploding new hobby, more and more people want to try this out.

Are there different types of magnets I can use?

Yes it is, there are 2 different magnets that most of the people use when they go magnet fishing:

Neodymium Magnets (rare earth magnets)
neodymium magnet for magnet fishing

Neodymium magnets, even called “rare earth magnets” are probably the best in all situations when it comes to magnet fishing. They are extremely powerfull and should be kept away from kids! If you get your fingers between the magnet and some sort of metal surface (car, fridge etc.) it could break them!

+ Extremely powerful.
+ Higher durability.

More expensive than a ferrite magnet.

Check out this article about the largest neodymium magnet available on Amazon!

Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic magnets)

ferite magnet for magnet fishing

Ferrite magnets are the same material as your fridge magnets (Ceramic) and cost less than a neodymium, but is far from as powerful as the neodymium and cracks a lot easier.
But it´s a great magnet to try it out with. Check my DIY post here, to see what kind of rig you could build with the ferrite magnets.

+ Cheaper than a Neodymium magnet.
+ Has a bigger diameter and covers a bigger area.

It cracks a lot easier.
Not as powerul as a neodymium magnet.

What Magnet fishing gear should i buy? Is it expensive?

No, that’s the best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you could go with a cheaper rig for less than $30 if you just want to try this awesome hobby out. But if you feel like Magnet Fishing is something you are going to do time after time, you don´t want smaller magnets, just add up $50 and you have the perfect Magnet Fishing rig that will last for years and years! (If not a rock or a three snatch your magnet in the water..)
You get a extremely powerful magnet fishing setup for less then $80!
Here I will show you my absolute favorite rig with links straight to the products on Amazon:

A Total Price of: $79.02

In my opinion, you can´t get any better rig for that kind of money. Read this article for more information about this Brutal Powered Magnet!

Why that extreme power?

So now you’re thinking “why on earth should i need a magnet with 500 lbs pull power for magnet fishing?!”. Because these 500 lbs are tested on a totally flat, clean piece of thick steel. When you go magnet fishing you will find items that has been in the water for many years, so there are rust, a lot of it. Rust significantly decreases the pull power of the magnet.
So, the higher pull power on the magnet, the bigger are the chances that you won’t drop your item you hooked on to.

Be careful when using these magnets when you go magnet fishing with your kids, and yourself of course!