Neodymium or Ferrite magnet for Magnet Fishing?

Should you buy a neodymium or ferrite magnet?

Before you choose to go with a Neodymium or ferrite magnet, you need to know how you are going to use it, what kind of items you are searching for and your budget. The Ferrite magnet is cheaper but with a Neodymium magnet you get the most bang for the buck.

Let me give you some more detailed information about them both:

Neodymium magnet:

neodymium magnet for magnet fishing
A neodymium magnet, also called “Rare earth magnets” are actually one of the strongest magnets in the world. They are extremely powerful and “explosive”. With that I mean that they are grabbing the metal items quick and brutal, so you will surely don’t lose what you “hooked” on to in the first place.

Neodymium magnets are probably the best in all situations when it comes to magnet fishing.  Again: They are extremely powerful and should be kept away from kids! If you get your fingers between the magnet and some sort of metal surface (car, fridge etc.) it could break them!

Pros and Cons

+ Extremely powerful.
+ Higher durability.

More expensive than a ferrite magnet.

Check out this article about the largest neodymium magnet available on Amazon!

Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic magnets)

ferite magnet for magnet fishing

Ferrite magnets are the same material as your fridge magnets (Ceramic) and cost less than a neodymium, but is far from as powerful as the neodymium and cracks a lot easier.
But it´s a great magnet to try it out with. Check my DIY post here, to see what kind of rig you could build with the ferrite magnets.

Pros and Cons

+ Cheaper than a Neodymium magnet.
+ Has a bigger diameter and covers a bigger area.

It cracks a lot easier.
Not as powerul as a neodymium magnet.

Pot/cup magnets

Both neodymium and ferrite magnets comes with the option “cup/pot”. Which means that the magnets are placed in a steel cup with one side open. The steel cup are forcing the magnets power to the open side and increases the power of the magnets.

My personal conclusion:

If you just want to go magnet fishing for some smaller items like fishing lures etc. Go ahead and buy a pair of Ferrite magnets and build a double rig as the one I linked to earlier. But if you want to pull up that treasure chest, go with a Neodymium Magnet.